Vifenar ShadowSpore (Adam)

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2010 The 75th Fall of the King

My feet are sore, never have I walked hidden in the bush and shadows for so long. My boots are all but gone, my pack is beginning to mold. The spores that my father sent me out with will be ready for sale in a few days. “Then and ONLY THEN…” (as he shouted so clearly) may I stop and rest. My first days as an adult member of Family Shadow Spore will begin on that day. I find that when I think of this my step is lighter and that my boots don’t seem to be in such disrepair. I grow weary I must rest before continuing, the sun will be up soon and I need a place to hide… …early evening has come and I can see torchlight in the distance, I believe I have come across the place where I will sell my wares and purchase what I need to begin adventuring. I will wait just a bit longer to enter town until supper time.

less biggies around to bother me  :P

I must be on my guard many would take advantage of me if I let them. I find that when I think of this my hand finds my hilt on it’s own accord. Long I have trained with the family, including my “adopted” uncle Dravos, the only half-orc who could best my father in a fencing match. The old seadog is like family, I find I miss him with every step…but I will return one day when I am his equal in blade work. I must take heart his warning of adventure, “Glory comes from achievements, not the senseless destruction that accompanies prolonged violence,” so that I don’t become disillusioned with “the wide world”. He says, “A quick blade can save a man’s life, but a even quicker blade can wound a man more deeply than any cut, that it can wound a man’s heart.”

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