Session Summary September 2 2016: Blue Nixie

From AaronWiki

Attendance: Dahlia (James), La'Rana (Jason), Mercy (Jenna), Sylvanus (Loren), Lianelie (Tom), Nimblin (Charlie), Bethrek (Stevie)

You agree to assist Lavina Vanderboren with recovering her ship. There are some additional terms however, if she is unable to pay you the 200gp within 30 days, the Blue Nixie will be signed over to the party. You check in with the harbor master, only to be told that you have to deal with Vark. You request to speak with Vark in the presence of the harbor master, which an aide agrees to. A messenger is sent to deliver the message. You follow him, only to find out that the Blue Nixie isn’t docked at all, but is anchored 100 ft out in the harbor. The messenger returns without delivering the message. You hire a water taxi and force your way onto the ship. Vark and his thugs are no match for the party. Dahlia finds a grappling spider in the hold along with other exotic animals. You loot the ship and find the 100 pp that Lavina paid Vark, you also find a signet ring and an odd note about looking to the sunrise and sunset. The guards are called and it ends quite easily. The water Taxi driver vouches that the thugs fired first. The agent of the harbormaster accepts the 100 pp to pay the fees. Lavina is thrilled that you recovered her signet ring and freed up the Blue Nixie.

Lavina Vanderboren requests your assistance with opening the vault. Many of you balk at this request, complaining she should have informed you of this additional assistance before taking the job. You still haven’t got paid… You agree to walk her to the vault, but not go in. Upon reaching the vault the signet ring opens the vault door. She asks you to check for traps (stories from her father suggests the vault is trapped). Bethrek and Lianelie oblige, the rest hold their ground and start negotiating for more gold. An iron cobra attacks, poisoning Bethrek and Mercy. Lianelie manages to leave the vault without incident. Having dispatched the iron cobra the party is split. Some want more money, some want nothing more to do with Lavina, some want to help so they can get their 200 gp. Dahlia suggest leaving, waiting the 30 days and get the Blue Nixie in lieu of the 200 gold. You decide to leave Lavina on her own.

Heading to the whaling guild, you sign on for 5 silver per day plus 10 gp/day for hazard pay. Lavina manages to pay you the 200 gp each as owned before you leave. You set sail and a sea hydra attacks the ship. Dahlia jumps from the deck 10ft onto the back of the hydra and critically impales it. You bring the dead carcass onto the boat as if it was a whale. After 4 days of travel you arrive at the water island, which you assume you will be asked to defend for 60 days.

The next session is scheduled for Friday September 16th. You will start on the ship and presumably make your way to shore via row boats.

Scout Leader

I’m prepping for Friday’s game. I’ll be using MapTool Version: (for those of you who even care about that). Tom is dealing with family health issues and isn’t expected to join us. That still leaves a party of 6.

You will begin the session on the boat. Bethrek is still a bit ill as the captain anchors the whaling ship approximately 500 ft from the island. You, the captain and 10 sailors are on the top deck. The remaining 20 sailors are below in the 4 ft high lower deck along with all the supplies you brought with you. From this distance (-50 to perception) you see the island much as you left it.

The captain is in charge and asks the hazard payers for a volunteer to lead up a party to scout the island to ensure it is safe to unload her cargo. [GM: I’m asking the players to select a party leader for this SCOUTING task]. You will be able to take one of the 4 smaller whaling boats. Each of these boats can accommodate up to 12 medium creatures or 2 tons of cargo (plus 4 rowers).

The crew this time around seems a bit more organized with their sailing profession, and handled the excitement (sea hydra incident) slightly better than the last crew. Perhaps the bloodless deck has something to do with their apparent confidence in their abilities. Several confirm with the captain that they are entitled to hazard pay. They run below and return with their rapiers, hand crossbows, and their quickly donned leather armor. They seem eager to join the scouting mission, yet seem inclined to let one of you take the role of scout leader.