Session Summary September 16, 2016: Gnoll Island

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Attendance: Dahlia (James), La'Rana (Jason), Mercy (Jenna), Sylvanus (Loren), Nimblin (Charlie), Bethrek (Stevie)

You take 2 row boats to the island. You notice some gnoll youths playing on the island and point in your direction. They call in a strange barking & growling language that Bethrek seems to understand. The gnoll youths ask where you come from, if you are here to trade for water, and what races you are. As you approach one of the youths runs off to tell others that you have arrived. You make shore and 3 guards ask your intentions. You manage to talk your way into speaking with their leader. They only allow 2 of you to leave the boat, so Bethrek and La'Rana go to meet the leader. In the mean time the youths are happy to take snacks from Dahlia and clamor into the boat looking thru all your supplies.

As Bethrek and La'Rana are escorted to the main camp they notice trees being chopped down and estimate around 30 gnolls. Upon meeting the leader he roughly negotiates for water, however Bethrek stammers. Sensing weakness the gnoll leader challanges Bethrek to prove her strength. La'Rana is able to deduce that this is gnoll for fight to the death, if Bethrek wins there is no guarantee the remaining gnolls will accept her as leader, but the leader seems more than happy to kill Bethrek. Bethrek politely asks to leave and return the their boats. The gnoll leader senses weakness again and demands she remove her shiny armor, and then they will allow them to leave. Bethrek counters with an offer to fight the party's champion instead of her.

La'Rana secretly uses magic on the gnoll to //suggest// that fighting the party's champion is a wise choice. The gnoll leader agrees and they escort them back to the party. Many gnolls follow to watch the fight. Dahlia poses as the party's champion. Mercy's //Commanding Presence// and //inspiration//al cheers to bolster the party champion go unnoticed by the gnolls. Dahlia has an excellent start, but is surprised by the tripping ability of the gnoll leader. Despite the gnolls skill, Dahlia hits harder and more often and defeats the gnoll leader with an intimidating critical. The gnolls are impressed and take to Dahlia's leadership.

The party heads back to the gnoll camp and encounter a gnoll Seer. She asks the party to clear out the caves. Dahlia negotiates for healing first. The Seer claims the gnolls won't survive to see the sunrise and that the cave is her future. You defeat various frogs in the cave, sacrificing 4 loyal gnolls to ensure the destruction of the poisonous frog swarm. An ugly woman with a potion making cauldron is also found in the cave but easily defeated.

You finally work your way into a large room with a sunrise symbol that you somehow activate and Nimblin is convinced it is an 9 day timer. The cave trembles and you leave to check on the ship. The water level has lowered and you suspect perhaps the island is instead rising. You determine that the entire island is encircled with white rough water that seems impassible by boat. You return to the ship and are attacked by water creatures. They pull 3 tridents from their watery body and attack with them. Dahlia gets hit hard in his left shoulder that it gets frostbite. Both water creatures are eventually defeated, but Dahlia falls from the continuing frostbite damage. The gnoll seer revives Dahlia.

La'Rana uses magic to swim under the boat to find the water creature's lair. She finds their lair and treasure hidden in an outcropping of rocks. Further down she sees a massive glowing wall. She is able to press her hand thru the wall and then her head. On the other side is air and about 1000 ft down is dry earth. With her head stuck thru the semi-transparent white wall she looks back at her body and sees only a bright blue sky. She is still able to communicate with the party and collects Sylvanus who sees the same thing. Working your way around the rocks La'Rana goes 1000 ft down and sticks her head thru the wall expecting to be at ground level. She sees the dry earth is still about 1000 ft down. Confused about this new found oddity everyone returns to the ship. \

As evening falls on the ship the gnoll seer crys out "my litters blood leads to my future". She cry's into her hands and falls to her knees. You look toward the island to see the the setting sun reflecting off the moving shoreline.

All characters are now level 4. Please arrive to the next session with your character [[1]]. Remember that you get +1 to an Ability Score at level 4.