Session Summary July 8 2016: Puppy Love

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Attendance: Nimblin (Charlie), Dahlia (James), La'Rana (Jason), Mercy (Jenna), Adelene (Loren), Bethrek (Stevie)

You find yourselves enjoying a drink at Rumblegut’s and see a man enter the tavern. He tears down all the postings and puts up one of his own. With your interest peaked you read the posting. Mr. Z is looking for adventures to save their daughter. She has been infatuated by a brash young wizard who is below her station. You are to speak with Mr Z at the Shrine of Corellon Larethian in the noble district for additional details.

Dahlia insists on seeing the torn down postings, the man tears them up and flings the pieces into the air, tells everyone that these are old postings and no longer valid, then leaves. Dahlia spends a few moments to piece them back together to see what other adventures were available:

  • Offering 1 sp per day for unskilled deck hands. Duration is 30-90 days. Speak with Captain Shadwik in the Azure District. Willing to negotiate pay for those with proven skill. Hazard pay of 10gp/day provided.
  • House painting: 2 gp at completion of 2 day job.
  • Indentured servant contracts: Offering 5 sp for Lawyer services to write up indentured servant contracts for deck hands. Speak with Heldrath Kellani at the Whaler’s Guildhall in the Azure district.

The party decides to visit Mr. Z. You arrive at the Shrine of Corellon Larethian in the noble district and are asked to wait. Fifteen minutes later an elf arrives and introduces himself as Zebula Meravanchi. He offers to pay 100gp to each party member for the return of Isabela unharmed, in her right mind and without drawing any attention to the family. Somehow Crajor has stolen her away, and turned her against him and his wife. She has been missing for 2 days. His contacts tell him that she is still in the city, but he doesn't know where.

Mr. Z answers several questions and you find out that:

  • Crajor is a young wizard.
  • Crajor is the bastard son of the captain of the guard.
  • Crajor is part of an adventuring group called the Sons of Sasserine. They mostly run amok in the city and rarely do any serious adventuring. They are a party of four (Fighter, Cleric, Rogue, and Crajor the Wizard). They have masterwork weapons & armor. Crajor's favorite tactic is to cast web to trap his foes, then summon a swarm of rats to attack the trapped foes. Mr. Z recalls they have been a party for 5 years, but he isn't certain.
  • His daughter is promised to Westin Thorp, a noble family of new money that arrived last year. The Throps are unaware of recent events and it is to be kept that way.
  • Isabella is a tease and causes mischief amongst men below her station.

The man who tore up the old postings returns and introduces himself as Aston Tate (half-elf). He acts as an intermediary, signing the adventurers contract you requested.

The party finds out that the Sons of Sasserine are rumored to be at the Sasserine Distillery (Rum Factory). You arrive to find them negotiating a protection contract with the owner. Dahlia asks the fighter where Crajor is, emphasizing his inquiry by poking the fighter in the chest. The fighter draws his bardiche as if to intimidate Dahlia. Dahlia tries to disarm the fighter of his weapon, but the fighter takes advantage of the opening of this awkward tactic and does enough non-lethal damage to Dahlia to put her down in one blow.

The party (now shaken) allows Adelene to expertly ease tensions and learns that Cajor is shacked up with a girl at the Ancestor's Rest Inn. A few gold pieces later the party takes their leave. With some effort the party is able to wake up Dahlia.

At the Ancestor's Rest Inn the party is unable to agree on decisive action. Several awkward encounters with the innkeeper lead way to Nimblin sneaking into the back bedrooms to confirm Cajor is there with a woman. Nimblin also manages to befriend Nathan Urki (nobleman, real estate, warehouses) and Teresa Goodnight (noblewoman, trading ships) with his high card gambling skills. The call of nature plus + one pot + number two = confirmation that the woman in the room with Cajor is Isabella.

Somehow Dahlia ends up cooking an early dinner for a guard patrol and the lieutenant's family.

The party rushes the inn, and forces their way into the unlocked room of Cajor. The party attacks Crajor, but Isabella drops the the ground with no obvious wounds (shield other). Crajor reaches for his spell component pouch but opens himself to attack and thuds to the ground with blood splattering everywhere.

La'Rana makes sure none of the occupants of the inn leave while Mercy and Bethrek wrap the stabalized bodies in blankets and run them off to the Shrine of Corellon Larethian. Dahlia's conscience gets the best of her and runs to notify the guards of the incident. The rest of the party panics and flees the inn, all except for Adelene, who stays behind to bribe the nobles and innkeep to remain quite. Adelene spends 100 gp bribing a noble before being caught red handed by guards.

The guards arrive to investigate, alarm bells sound, official crier yell out, guards give chase to Mercy and Bethrek. Mercy is allowed to deliver Crajor the the clerics at the shrine. Bethrek drops the blanketed body of Isabella at the shrine and plows past the guards chasing her, eventually giving them the slip.

The captain of the guards eventually intervenes and Adelene convinces him to sweep the entire incident under the table, with a few conditions.

  • The party is bound to silence about the event (specifically their dealings with Cajor) and is banned from entering the Noble district for 30 days.
  • Return all of Cajor's equipment (necklace) and to avoid contact with him in the future.
  • If he has another run in with the party (who he believes is Dahlia, La'Rana, Mercy, and Adelene), he will show no mercy, threatening jail time, indentured servitude, or perhaps mistaken paperwork stating they are to be used as arena fodder.

The entire party meets up with Aston Tate at the Shrine of Corellon Larethian the next day. Aston notifies them that Mr. Z paid the clerics for their services to revive his daughter Isabella. The patrons at the inn had no first hand knowledge of Isabella being there. Cajor was discrete and only the innkeeper knew they were there. The innkeeper was bribed to stay quite. Aston tells you that Mr. Z isn't pleased with the outcome and considered paying you with the gift of assassination. Aston implies that he convinced Zebula Meravanchi to pay each party member 50gp, cheaper than paying assassins, and can always finish payment in full should word of his daughters misadventures ever see public light.

Party loot, awards, and penalties:

  • 50 gp for each party member present during the July 8th session (quest payment)
  • Platinum ring worth 50 gp (Taken from Isabella, gift from Crajor, forgotten about during chaos). Can keep or sell it for 25 gp and split 6 ways.
  • Adelene lost 100 gp bribing, the nobleman doesn't offer to return it
  • No need to keep track of XP. Everyone will level at the same time upon completing campaign milestones.

Next session will be Friday July 22nd. Tom will be joining us, Charlie & Stevie will not be attending. You regroup a week later in Rumblegut’s and see the following job postings:

  1. Offering 1 sp per day for unskilled deck hands. Duration is 30-90 days. Speak with Captain Shadwik in the Azure District. Willing to negotiate pay for those with proven skill. Hazard pay of 10gp/day provided.
  2. Redwall Stables is looking for adventurers to remove an unusual rat infestation.
  3. PC's who are members of the Sasserine thieves guild (or worship Olidammara) become aware of an opportunity to dispatch non-member smuggler's from Parrot Island (small island within the city limits of Sasserine). No pay, just intelligence and guild services to buy their smuggled loot at 40% of base value.
  4. Offer to pay 500 gp to clear a newly discovered basement, of animated skeletons. Speak with Nathan Urki at the Ancestor's Rest Inn in the noble district for additional details.

Those with professions or other skills that can be used to earn a living can state those intentions and make their rolls at the beginning of the next session. Those without such skills can either contact me for a deadly side mission or simply spend the pleasant summer Sasserine days watching ships go by.