Session Summary July 22 2016: Whaling Ship

From AaronWiki

Attendance: Dahlia (James), La'Rana (Jason), Mercy (Jenna), Adelene/Sylvanus (Loren), Lianelie (Tom)

The party inquires about the animated skeleton's job and confirm it is a legit offer. You determine the location of Nathan Urki's warehouse. You arrive at the warehouse and see that the guards have just finished clearing out the basement, one is seriously hurt, Lianelie brings him back around. Disappointed, the party moves on to their second job selection.

You travel to the Azure District and speak with Captain Shadwik. He is the whaling guild master. You each negotiate a 1-3 sp per day pay rate based on your skillset. You are also guaranteed a 10 gp/day hazard pay. You set sail and learn to spot whales from the crows nest and shoot the mounted harpoons from the fore-deck. The first whale is easily spotted and the party slowly learns the harpoon tactics. Adelene chooses to jump into the ocean to damage the whale and the whale charges back skewering her thru the gullet. The whale is quickly dispatched and hauled onto the whaling ship, along with Adelene's dead body.

Sylvanus (Loren) is recruited from the crew and it turns out he has a knack for archery. Some lizardfolk attempt to board the ship, and are rebuffed, but several crew members are lost. A second whale is dispatched, this time everyone stays out of the ocean and there no deaths. Several females pirates were hiding in a shipwreck at sea, they quickly boarded and killed several more crew.

A few days later you are told get a good nights rests and tomorrow morning they expect to arrive at a small island with a known water source. You all have a nightmare about rowing to a small island and and onslaught of orc barbarians overruns your entire party. You are beset by panic, except for Mercy, who runs forward to engage the onslaught. Mercy unsuccessfully solo's the orcs and they run past her lifeless body to do the same to the rest of the party. Dahlia is the next to fall, followed by the rest of they party. The last few die trying to escape on the boat.

You awake, dripping in sweat. The vision seemed quite real and you are having second thoughts about the mornings task to row to the island.

Everyone (including Charlie & Stevie) will start the Aug 12 session at level 2.