Session Summary August 19 2016: Watering Hole

From AaronWiki

Attendance: Dahlia (James), La'Rana (Jason), Mercy (Jenna), Sylvanus (Loren), Lianelie (Tom), Nimblin (Charlie), Bethrek (Stevie)

The Captain announces that additional crew and supplies have been sent from Sasserine and will meet you at the island with the water source. She sends you on a mission to retrieve water and meet up with the resupply boat. With the orcish nightmare fresh in your mind you decline. Talk of returning to port and making magical fresh water run throughout the party. The captain reminds them of their skeletal crew. The party negotiates a 50 gp reward for clearing the island and making it safe passage for other Whaling Guild members. Approaching the island the party rescues Nimblin, Bethrek, and several crew. They were attacked by orcs hiding out on the island and were able to swim to safety on a rocky outcropping several yards from the island. The orcs didn't pursue, apparently leaving them for the sharks. They are happy to be reunited with the rest of the party. You return to the ship providing fresh water, food, and a bit of healing.

All rested up you circumnavigate the island, finding no orcs. You row closer and spot some orcs lying prone on a small mound, clearly watching you. The party uses ranged attacks with minimal effect, the orcs run away. The party makes land and a hoard of 19 orcs try to rebuff your landing. In the beginning they are ineffective against your superior prowess, but an unsuspected Orc Acolyte buffs the more melee minded orcs, puts Bethreck to sleep, which allows several orcs to easily slice deeply to her bones. Bethreck almost dies, but the party recovers and makes a firm hold on the island.

You make your way around the edges of the island and clear out more orc entrenchments. You have fun long jumping over a 20 ft wide inlet of water, and eventually make your way to an orc encampment. Attacking the orcs from range seemed like a strong tactic, but orcs started emerging from two tents. Dahlia decided to move forward with an eye toward cutting these melee orcs off before they got to the back line of the party. La'Rana manifests an Ectoplasmic Sheen, assisting with controlling the orc advance. Mercy also advances. Suddenly your nightmare appears, the orc leader makes a bee line to Dahlia. Dahlia gets surrounded and takes a defensive stance. Mercy manages to drop a few orcs, but pulls back, leaving Dahlia on the front line by herself. The orc leader hits Dahlia hard, despite the gaping wounds she manages to stay on her feet thanks to the indomitable presence of Bethrek. The party clears out a few more orcs and kills the unpredictable acolyte, but the orc leader is still dominating the battlefield. La'Rana unleashes a massive assault on the mind of the orc leader who unexpectedly drops to the ground with blood oozing from his ears, eyes and nose.

You finish exploring the interior of the island, fining a cave opening. You investigate to find a giant frog and decide to leave it alone. You collect what loot you can, several barrels full of fresh water, and then start your return to the the ship. You run across an orc boat which you easily dispatch, unfortunately they were able to destroy the two ballista style harpoons that made your whaling ship unique. They also killed more crew. Down to a skeletal crew the captain is forced to return to Sasserine. The whaling guild is please with your haul of 2 whales, but upset about the loss of the ballista harpoons. You are paid you wages and rewards and you sell your loot as discussed in James' email.

All characters are now level 3. You have 30 days of downtime before our next session. When the session begins you will all be at Rumblegut’s reviewing the following job postings:

  1. Offering 1 sp per day for unskilled deck hands. Duration is 30-90 days. Speak with Captain Shadwik in the Azure District. Willing to negotiate pay for those with proven skill. Hazard pay of 10gp/day provided.
  2. PC's who are members of the Sasserine thieves guild (or worship Olidammara) become aware of an opportunity to dispatch non-member smuggler's from Parrot Island (small island within the city limits of Sasserine). No pay, just intelligence and guild services to buy their smuggled loot at 40% of base value.
  3. Someone or something’s been stealing a noble woman's rose blossoms every night. A reward of 10 gp per player, plus a letter of noble accomplishment is offered. See Alice outside the Emerald Waters Orphanage in the Sunshine district.
  4. As you are reviewing the postings a wizened-looking halfling woman arrives at Rumblegut's. She stands awkwardly in the doorway looking at various patrons and finally settles on Bethrek. She approaches and says, "you are one of those who was banned from the Noble District and recently returned from securing fresh water island on behalf of the Whaling Guild". She hands you an envelope and waits. You open the letter, it reads:
    • Greetings, and I trust this missive finds you in good health! My name is Lavina Vanderboren, and I humbly request your attendance at dinner at my estate on Festival Street and Blue Skink Lane tomorrow evening. I think that I can present you with an opportunity uniquely suited to your skills. Please inform the carrier of this letter of your response to this invitation, and I hope to be speaking to you soon!

The following is also common knowledge:

  • Redwall Stables burned to the ground. The newly formed "Blades of Glory" is blamed and were stripped of their possessions to reimburse the stable owner. One of the BoG was caught trying to retrieve their old equipment and the entire party was exiled from the city. If they return to Sasserine A reward of 100 gp per head is offered. See Captain of the Guard for details.
  • The guards uncovered and destroyed skeletons in the basement of a warehouse in the Shadowshore district. The warehouse was seized due to the risk to the city. It is scheduled to be sold at auction in 45 days to repay the costs incurred to cleanse the undead.
  • A letter of noble accomplishment is a letter given by nobles to worthy commoners and adventurers. It may be shown during some diplomatic conversations for a circumstance bonus, or perhaps traded in exchange for a substantial favor. The value of the letter depends on the noble who granted it.
  • You are no longer banned from the Noble district, although you suspect they will keep a close eye on you for awhile.
  • The Whaling Guild has claimed ownership of the fresh water island. They have 60 days to secure and establish an encampment on the island to secure their claim.

It would be helpful if the party could decide on (or at least narrow down) a mission/task before Friday so I can properly prepare. Feel free to spend part of your 30 days shopping. Most mundane items are available, please send me your shopping list for approval. Since I'm out of town on work it is unlikely I will be able to accommodate side missions. I arrive back in town late Thursday. I get a comp day on Friday (no work), so I have all day Friday to prep for Friday's game.