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Edition Rules

We will be using Pathfinder rules, with selected 3.5 classes & content where appropriate. You will start at level 1. Not sure how many levels I'll run this campaign. I'm thinking at least until level 13. More if were having fun. Less if not.

Campaign Setting

Running a Planescape setting dealing with traveling thru the planes. This is a new setting for most of us. Interaction & Detective skills will be very useful in this campaign. Parties with the following skills will excel during some encounters:

  • Diplomacy
  • Intimidate
  • Knowledge (planes)
  • Linguistics
  • Sense Motive
  • Survival

Several encounters are MUCH easier to complete with role playing and skill checks rather than the sword. You will start out as little fish in a very big pond, in some cases those quick with the sword will be the first to have their name put in the dead-book. Taking notes during investigative missions will be helpful for those with poor real life memories, although GM will email session wrap up notes with key information.


We are FULL UP with a party of seven.

Player Character Race Class Offense Defense
Charlie Nimblin 1 Halfling (Swift) Unchained Rogue Crossbow +5 (1d6 + 1d6 sneak) AC18, 10HP
James Dahlia 1 Oread Unchained Monk Seven-Branched Sword +7 (1d10+10) AC18, 13HP
Jason La'Rana Rain 1 Awakened Human 15RP Psion (Telepath) Mind Thrust DC16 Will (1d6) AC12, 12HP
Jenna Mercy 1 Aasimar (Angelkin) 15 RP Warlord 1 Greatsword +6 (2d6+9) AC17, 16HP
Loren 1 Adelene Adler Green Widow Changeling Psychic 1 (with Trap-finder trait) Telekinetic Projectile +1 (1d6) AC12, 9HP
Loren Sylvanus 4 Sylph Eldritch Archer Hexcrafter Magus MW Composite Longbow +9 (1d8+1) AC18, 28HP
Stevie Bethrek Magesty 1 Half-Orc (Hardy) Warlord 1 Longsword +6 (1d8+5) AC20, 12HP
Tom Lianelie 1 Elysial Elf Cleric quarterstaff +1 (1d6+2) AC13, 10HP

Place & Time

  • Aaron's House on Friday's at 6:30 pm.
  • Tentative start date is Friday July 8th, 2016.
  • Skipping July 15 and July 22 due to Stevie/Charlie conflicts.
  • Tentative second session is Friday July 29th, 2016.
  • Future games will roughly be every other week.


This campaign has a wide variety of non-standard & monstrous NPC races and selecting an unusual race will generally not be an impediment with NPC interactions. Initially you need to select a race that is accepted in a typical town. You should appear similar to one of the standard races.

You can pick any race with 15 or less Race Points. If your race is under 15RP then you can be an Advanced version of your race (see Creating New Races for additional race abilities). If your preferred race is over 15 RP then you will have to remove racial feature and be the weakling of your race.

  • Humans (9 RP)
  • Dwarves (11 RP)
  • Elves (10 RP)
  • Gnomes (10 RP)
  • Half-Elves (10 RP)
  • Half-Orcs (8 RP)
  • Halflings (9 RP)
  • Goliath (15 RP)

You may also select a non-standard race from almost any source with the following limitations:

  • Can be a Native Outside, but not Extra-planer. You must be born on the prime material plane.
  • Must get GM approval

Finally you may select a monstrous race from almost any source with the following limitations:

  • Can be a Native Outside, but not Extra-planer. You must be born on the prime material plane.
  • Alignment of statblock can't be always or usually Evil
  • Must get GM approval


You may select any non-evil alignment. There will be more focus on the chaos/law aspects rather than the good/evil.


You may select any of the base classes. There are several campaign specific prestige classes and it has yet to be determined if standard prestige classes will be permitted. When unchained classes are available the non-unchanged class probably won't be allowed.

I know Stevie is interested in the 3.5 Warblade. Loren suggested you take a look at Path Of War to replicate the feel of a 3.5 Warblade in Pathfinder.

Character Stats

  • Character Creation with (High Fantasy) 20 point buy.
  • Average Starting Character Wealth based on class.



Magic and psionics are more or less the same. Spell Resistance is also Power Resistance and so forth. Detect Magic/Psionics has a -2 Caster Level when determining the aura power.

Starting City

Players will start in Sasserine


We will be using Greyhawk Deities.

The starting city of Sassering has temples to Wee Jas, Saint Cuthbert, Fharlanghn, and Olidammara. Selecting one of these religions may provide a slight advantage at the beginning of the game. Mid game religion will have little impact on the campaign. In the late game religion may have a significant impact.

House Rules & Clarifications

  • Magic Crafting Feats: You must have access to a workshop with masterwork equipment to successfully craft any item. The cost of this masterwork equipment must be at least 20% of the base price you are attempting to craft. Most cities will have a workshop you can rent for 100-400 gp per day. Custom magic items require a blueprint. Blueprints require a variety of crafting skills to create and may require you to get assistance during the inventing process. Like most new inventions, you may not always have successful days. A well informed individual may be able to purchase unique blueprints.
  • Knowledge Local: This skill works best in areas that are well known to you. At the start of this campaign Sasserine (and the surrounding region) are well known to you. There is a -1 to -5 penalty when used in unfamiliar regions. Each week you spend in a new region reduces the penalty by 1 until the region is well known to you. There is typically no penalty to identifying humanoids in foreign lands that are the same as the ones in regions well known to you.
  • Charm Person: A creature that successfully saves against a spell that has no obvious physical effects feels a hostile force or a tingle. A DC 15 + spell level spellcraft is required to deduce the exact nature of the attack. You do not sense when creatures succeed on saves against such effects, although a DC25 Sense Motive will reveal the charm. Once the charm wears off the target will simply think they temporarily changed their opinion of you. If their actions were totally out of character, a second Will save and/or spellcraft check may be granted to realized they were charmed.
  • Firearms: This is an unknown invention and unavailable to players
  • Technology: Technological Gear & Equipment are unknown and unavailable to players.
  • Linguistics: Many races speak common. If you speak to a creature in their native tongue you get a +1 circumstance bonus to interaction skills.

Session Summaries

  1. Session Summary July 8 2016: Puppy Love
  2. Session Summary July 22 2016: Whaling Ship
  3. Session Summary August 19 2016: Watering Hole
  4. Session Summary September 2 2016: Blue Nixie
  5. Session Summary September 16, 2016: Gnoll Island