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Persistent Spell [Metamagic]

You can make a spell last all day.

Prerequisite: Extend Spell.

Benefit: Spells with a fixed or personal range can have their duration increased to 24 hours. Spells of instantaneous duration cannot be affected by this feat, nor can spells whose effects are discharged. You don’t need to maintain concentration on persistent detect spells (such as detect magic or detect thoughts) for you to be aware of the mere presence or absence of the subject detected, but gaining additional information requires concentration as normal.

A persistent spell uses up a spell slot six levels higher than the spell’s actual level.

Sage Advice

The intent seems to be that the persisted spell should be on (or centered on) the caster. Any house rules should keep this in mind. So what about touch or short/medium/long spells?

  • Technically a touch is not a fixed or personal range. Your size dictates the range of a touch spell.
  • House rules could permit touch spells to be persisted if they are cast as-if personal (ie: yourself).
  • You could research an original spell with a range of personal that is practically identical to the spell with a range of touch.
  • Reach Spell turns a touch spell into a ray with a fixed range of 30ft, which can then be Persisted. However, that's a total +8 level adjustment. A cleric with Divine Metamagic for Persistent also could do it at a cost of +2 levels and 9 turnings. Seems a bit silly to force a "touch" spell into a "fixed ranged ray" only to cast it upon yourself, but technically it works!
  • Heirophant provides for Divine Reach which is the same as Reach Spell for free.
  • Technically medium is 100 ft + 10 ft. This is not a fixed range, it is a variable range depending on level.
  • v.3.5 Main D&D FAQ gives a specific example of Summon Monster NOT qualifying for Persistent Spell.
  • You could research an original spell with a fixed range (short = 10ft, medium = 20ft, long = 30ft). This original spell could be pratcially identical to the spell with a variable range.

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