Party Journal

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January 23, 2010

  • Day 15 [DJ]: Killed a half fire elemental half goblin. Saved several women & children. Found some parchments with clues to the evil temple's purpose and background. Traveled back to town to sell & level.
  • Day 14 [DJ]: Traveled up narrow valley path. Found simple outpost and dispatched the 3 guards before they could light the signal bonfire. Local patrol was no problem, but can't wait too long or else the patrol will be missed. Frontal assault on the temple. Puck took on most of the foes at the temple gates, only Alutharuil's camel took serious damage. Unlock gates lead to a death trap with 8 guards + 4 acolytes. Alutharuil opens with an Obscuring Mist which allows us to focus on melee and effectively broke the battle. Aurora's animal companion did an outstanding job on the guards. We took on the 4 acolytes last. Next room had the head evil cleric and his bodyguard. Some 1HD black skeletons were raised but were of no consequence. The evil Cleric was unsuccessful in penetrating our Saving Throws, and was dispatched. The bodyguard's pride was damaged when Eldon made the killing blow against his charge. The bodyguard chased Eldon, but Eldon was too quick for him. The parties ranged attacks against the bodyguard were marginally effective. Eldon stopped to leverage melee attacks, the bodyguard sliced Eldon's stomach open leaving him disabled. The party finally finished the bodyguard off and using the last of their combined healing brought Eldon to 4 HP. Rested for the night in the creepy evil temple.
  • Day 13 [DJ]: Spoke with Southeart foamfollwer from a Pelor temple. He asked us to investigate the once thought abandoned evil temple up top of the northern valley. The temple was destroyed 15 years ago but recently 20+ men have been seen excavating in the temple area.
  • Day 12 [DJ]: A cultist group have move in near a small farming town to the north of Fairtown. Reports of several missing women and children.

January 16, 2010

  • Day 11 [AO]: The mayor (Honorable Gort) met us just outside the catacombs. Confirmed he wanted it cleared then left us on our own. We had a few issues with traps, but slaughtered out way thru several rooms of weak Kobolds. A Dire Weasel was a slight problem for Givemealot. The catacombs opened up in to a cave system, where we found a band of Kobolds up 40 ft on a ledge. Givemealot almost died trying to climb the ropes while the Kobold guards shot crossbow bolts at him. But the Kobolds surrendered and we allowed them (plus children) to leave the catacombs. They spoke of a great demon further down the cave system. The party decided to head back to town to level and sell.
  • Day 10 [AO]: The honorable Gort asked us to clear some catacombs and surrounding area so that he can build a new church on the sight. While traveling to the location we dispatched three Gnolls. We also got ambushed by a guy riding a giant bee, who just happed to be in charge of 2xWorg, 4xHobgoblins, and 6xGoblins. A captive told us that he was hired by Vortigurn (the we believed stole our amulet). We traveled the rest of the night and quickly dispatched 3xGhouls, then made camp just outside the catacombs.
  • Day 9 [AO]: Spoke with the Honorable Gort in Fairtown. He told us a story about a local farmer (Virgil) who recently had a cow and two pigs stolen. We investigated and tracked down an Ogre that was causing all the trouble. On the way back we encountered two Stirges.

January 10, 2010

  • Day 8 [FA]: Arived at Fairtown. Party Leveled & rested.
  • Day 7 [FA]: Wizard, Imp, 2 half-orcs ambushed party at farm. Summon skeletons were turned, and the imp dropped Eldon. Imp stole the unique magical amulet.
  • Day 5 [FA]: Leucrotta ambushed party at camp.
  • Day 3 [FA]: Grig played havoc at camp. Some dancing occured.
  • Day 2 [FA]: Monstrous Spider ambushed party along trail.
  • Day 1 [FA]: Cilarnen hired party to retrieve items from Eralion's Keep in Fairtown. Party was told to hold on tight to unique magical amulet that Cilarnen provided.