House Rules

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  • Powers may be pushed by up to 20 active points. That’s 1 to 4 damage classes.
  • In addition to normal pushing rules, you must roll a certain number of dice.
    • If pushing by 5 active points, roll 1 die.
    • If pushing by 10 active points, roll 1+2=3 dice.
    • If pushing by 15 active points, roll 1+2+3=6 dice.
    • If pushing by 20 active points, roll 1+2+3+4=10 dice.
  • Count the number of ones on the dice. If there are any, the power still activates, however you lose use of the power you pushed for a certain amount of time.
    • One 1: Power is lost momentarily. The character gets his/her REC in active points back with every recovery, including post 12’s.
    • Two 1’s: Power is lost until the character gets a good rest. Generally this means it’s lost until the next game session.
    • Three 1’s: Power is lost for an extended time. It recovers active points as if it were BODY damage. (Regeneration does not help.)
    • Four or more 1’s: Power is lost indefinitely, until some special cure is found at GM’s option.