Healing Belt

From AaronWiki

Price (Item Level): 750 gp (3rd)

Body Slot: Waist

Caster Level: 3rd

Aura: Faint; (DC 16) conjuration

Activation: — and standard (command)

Weight: 1 lb.

This broad leather belt is studded with three moonstones. While wearing a healing belt, you gain a +2 competence bonus on Heal checks. This is a continuous effect and requires no activation. In addition, the belt has 3 charges, which are renewed each day at dawn. Spending 1 or more charges allows you to channel positive energy and heal damage with a touch. (You can also use this ability to harm undead, dealing them an equivalent amount of damage instead.)

  • 1 charge: Heals 2d8 points of damage.
  • 2 charges: Heals 3d8 points of damage.
  • 3 charges: Heals 4d8 points of damage.

Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, cure moderate wounds.

Cost to Create: 500 gp, 40 XP, 1 day.