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US Senator

  • Norma Gruber
  • Mohammad Said: Medical marijuana
  • Goodspaceguy: Way out of touch, NASA space houses.
  • Mike Mover
  • Paul Akers: Pastor (apparently non-practicing). Very consertative, like posistions.
  • Mike Latimer: God will fix everything
  • James Mercer
  • Clint Didier: Endorsed by Sarah Palin, might be a bit too far right, farmer, football player, Endorsed by Ron Paul
  • Schalk Leonard: Ex millitary JAG, conservative
  • Patty Murray: Current senator, big spender
  • Bob Burr: Anti business
  • William Chovil
  • Dino Rossi: Best republican contender. Pro business, might be chasing $$$, seems the tow the party line kind of guy
  • Charles Allen: Free college, somewhat unfocued and vague
  • Will Baker: Anti Obama, single issue.

US Representative 3RD

  • Jaime Herrera: Strong consertitave, pro business
  • Denny Heck: Green jobs
  • David Hedrick: Limited goverment, abolish federal reserve (unclear on how/why/alternatives), pro-Constitution, new to politics, self proclamed teaparty
  • David Castillo: Also conservative, has several endorsements.
  • Cheryl Crist: Green economy
  • Norma Stevens: No apparent experience or knowledge of issues

State Representative 18TH #1

  • Jon Russell: Supports AZ law in WA
  • Brandon Vick: More illegial alien stuff, lots of political posturing.
  • Anthony Bittner
  • Dennis Kampe
  • Jon Haugen
  • Richard Carson
  • Ann Rivers

State Representative 18TH #2

County Assessor

County Auditor

County Clerk

County Prosecuting Attorney

County Sheriff

County Treasurer

State Surpreme Count Justice #1

State Surpreme Count Justice #5

State Surpreme Count Justice #6

State Court of Appeals D2 D3 #2

Public Utility Distruct #1 County Commissioner #2

Fort Vancouver Regional Library Tax

City of Washougal EMT Tax

Precinct Committee Officer 913