Dragonscale Husk

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Dragonscale Husk

Any warrior knows that skill in battle isn't enough; you must also guard against the attacks of your enemies. A well-forged suit of armor can mean the difference between life and death, but a warrior whose very body is his armor has an immediate advantage. Those who have the blood of dragons running in their veins can gain this benefit.

Class: Any standard class that grants proficiency in heavy armor, such as fighter or paladin.

Level: 1st (unless the class grants proficiency in heavy armor at a level other than 1st, in which case this feature can be taken only at that level).

Special Requirement: You must be of the [[dragonblood subtype]] to select this alternative class feature. As long as you gain the dragonblood subtype at the same level that you would gain heavy armor proficiency, you can select this class feature, even if you would normally choose class features before selecting the option that giants you the subtype. For example, a 1st-level human fighter who takes Dragontouched as one of his 1st-level feats could also select this class feature.

Replaces: If you select this class feature, you do not gain proficiency with any kind of armor. It you would later gain some form of armor proficiency (such as by multiclassing or taking a feat), you can choose at that time to gain that proficiency, but you then lose this class feature. If you already have proficiency with any kind of armor, you must lose that proficiency in order to select this class feature.

Benefit: You gain the extraordinary ability to grow a thick, scaly hide that protects you like armor. The dragonscale husk resembles the scales of a dragon of your choice (selected when you gain the class feature). The husk requires 8 hours to grow, but this process can take place at night while you are sleeping.

Your scaled hide grants you a bonus to your Armor Class equal to 6 + 1/3 your class level in the class that granted you heavy armor proficiency (+7 bonus to AC at 3rd level, +8 bonus to AC at 6th level, and so on, up to a maximum +12 bonus to AC at 18th level). Multiple classes that grant this proficiency stack for determining the dragonscale husk's total bonus. This bonus doesn't stack with any feat, racial trait, or other special ability that would grant you a bonus to Armor Class.

In addition, as you attain higher levels, your husk grants you increasing resistance to acid, cold, electricity- and fire. You gain resistance 5 at 5th level, resistance 10 at 10th level, resistance 15 at 15th level, and resistance 20 at 20th level.

Your dragonscale husk is treated as medium armor for the purpose of determining your speed and whether you can use class features or other special abilities. It allows a maximum Dexterity bonus to Armor Class of +2 and has an armor check penalty of –4. You can sleep in your husk without penalty. You cannot wear any other armor while your husk is present.

Your husk isn't treated as armor for the purpose of being affected by spells or other abilities. You can't grant it an enhancement bonus with magic vestment, nor can you imbue it with special properties, as you could a normal suit of armor.

You can't take off your dragonscale husk, but you can choose to shed it. Doing this requires 10 minutes of concentration and results in your sloughing off a pile of scales that crumble to dust if handled.