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Planet Render Goals

Goal is create a planetary render in XNA. Should maintain over 60 FPS. Generic enough to show earthlike planet or a bunch of square mini-planets such as Acheron. Seamless transition between outdoors, caves, and indoors. Real world likeness isn't necessary. Have medieval DnD style game in mind, but I'm along ways from making any such decisions.

Currently using geoMipmapping & a quadtree structure. May decide to use an octree structure to provide overhang features. I'm skeptical that clipmaps (spherical or otherwise) will allow for overhangs, so I'm avoiding them for now.

  • Sphere Shaped: Six quadtrees form cube, mapped to sphere
  • Procedural Terrain: Used perlin noise
  • Earth Scale: (used floats 1.0f = 1000 meters)
  • LOD - using quadtree patches
  • LOD Crack repair: Stitching? Skirts may cause issues with overhangs later.
  • LOD - NoPopping - Geomorph?
  • Sunlight & Self Shading terrain
  • Point lights: A street full of lights.
  • Radiosity? May be too difficult in realtime.
  • Shadows
  • Overhangs: Caves, tunnels, arches, rock outcrops, etc. Use marching cubes? May have to use octree instead of quadtree. See Generating Complex Procedural Terrains Using the GPU
  • Automatic texturing
  • Trees - Instancing? L-Tree? Billboards?
  • Grass - Instancing? Billboards?
  • Roads - Use L-Tree?
  • Procedural city building.
  • Explorable building interriors. Prefer procedural, prefab models is an alternative.
  • GPU implemenation
  • Transparency: Glass, Ice, etc.
  • Mirrors
  • Vision effects: blindness, darkness, lowlight, ultrasonic, thermal, tremorsense, etheral.
  • Rivers
  • Lakes
  • Reflections: From water or other shiny surfaces.
  • Clouds: 3D so that you can fly thru them.
  • Fog effects: Early morning fog due to nearby water sources
  • Portals: Mostly to go between planets/cubes/planes/etc. Also good for scrying or teleport types of effects.
  • Underwater
  • Tidal seas
  • Ingame editing: Seperate data holding edited/non-procedural terrain.
  • Destructable: Such as digging.
  • Materials: Texture, hardness, emissive, bumpmap, etc.
  • Weather effects: Rain, snow, wind (trees)
  • Basic physics such as gravity.
  • Advanced physics: floating down rivers, falling rocks, destroyed building/terrain sections cause collapse.

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