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Some of a warlock’s invocations, such as frightful blast, modify the damage or other effects of the warlock’s eldritch blast. These are called eldritch essence invocations. Unless noted otherwise, eldritch blasts modified by eldritch essence invocations deal damage normally in addition to imparting the effects described in the invocation description.

A warlock can apply only one eldritch essence invocation to a single eldritch blast, choosing from any of the eldritch essence invocations that he knows. When a warlock applies an eldritch essence invocation to his eldritch blast, the spell level equivalent of the modified blast is equal to the spelllevel of the eldritch blast or of the eldritch essence invocation, whichever is higher. If a warlock targets a creature with an eldritch essence blast that has immunity to the invocation’s effect, it still takes the damage from the blast normally (provided it isn’t also immune to the eldritch blast).

A warlock can apply an eldritch essence invocation and a blast shape invocation to the same blast. When a warlock uses both kinds of invocations to alter an eldritch blast, the spell level equivalent is equal to the spell level of the eldritch blast, the level of the eldritch essence invocation, or the level of the blast shape invocation, whichever is higher.

Example: Morthos, a 1st-level warlock, decides to make his eldritch blast attack into a frightful blast. Morthos’s eldritch blast is the equivalent of a 1st-level spell, while frightful blast is an effect equivalent to a 2nd-level spell. His frightful blast is thus the equivalent of a 2nd-level spell.

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