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For those willing to utterly devote themselves to good, great power awaits in the form of sanctified magic. These spells require a great sacrifice from the caster in exchange for powerful results.

Spellcasters prepare sanctified spells just as they do regular spells, and casters who do not prepare spells (including sorcerers and bards) cannot make use of them except from a scroll. Evil characters cannot cast sanctified spells, including ones cast from magic items.

A sanctified spell usually has no material components (exceptions are noted). Instead, it draws power from the sacrifice of the spellcaster in the form of ability damage, ability drain, or occasionally greater sacrifices (a level or even the caster’s life). The sacrifice occurs when the spell’s duration expires. (No sanctified spell has a permanent duration.)

If a sanctified spell is made into a potion, scroll, wand, or some other magic item, the user of the item makes the sacrifice, not the creator. (The creator still pays the XP cost and gp cost for creating the item.) This sacrifice, specified in the spell’s descriptive text, is paid each time the item is used.

Sanctified spells are specific to no character class. They are neither inherently arcane nor divine spells. A divine caster casting a sanctified spell casts it as a divine spell, while an arcane caster casts it as an arcane spell.

While wizards, druids, rangers, and paladins can all prepare sanctified spells, clerics have a special advantage: they can spontaneously cast any sanctified spell, just as they can spontaneously cast cure wounds spells.


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