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Powers represent a wide array of abilities, such as superheroes flying, firing energy bolts, or communicating telepathically. They also simulate abilities which don’t fit the typical definition of “superpowers,” such as the ability to run faster than most people, or to punch harder than normal. Equipment, especially weapons, is also built using Powers. The rules for each Power define the basic structure of an ability with that Power. You can also apply Power Modifiers (page 94) to improve or restrict Powers. Keep in mind the difference between Powers (capital-P) and powers (lower-case p). A Power is a Game Element listed in this section of the book. A power is an ability a character possesses. You use Powers to build powers. The Core Concepts of Game Mechanics And Special Effects (page 6), and Base, Active, and Real Points (page 7) relate particularly strongly to Powers and their use. Understanding those concepts is vital to understanding how Powers work in Champions.

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